SAMOS services

Our core delivery service

SAMOS provides a fast, efficient home-delivery service that your business can rely on. We deliver to delighted customers throughout Europe and other growing markets, where we have a whole host of local knowledge and expert partners. All our services are fully tracked, so you - and your customers - will always know where your package is.

And of course, we are confident that this is the best-value premium service you’ll find.

What’s included?

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SAMOS+ services

As a hardworking retailer, you know what it takes to find, attract and retain your customers. Your success depends on more than just a fantastic product, and we understand that, too. So at SAMOS, we don’t just deliver on time - we deliver in style. Take a look at some of the special features we offer to really impress your existing customers and grab the attention of countless new ones.

Local knowledge

We have the contacts and experience to give you the bigger picture on the ecommerce landscape in the countries we operate within. If you'd like to know how to enter these growing markets, or find out more about ecommerce in Europe, just say the word. We can provide:

We can provide bespoke detail and recommendations to help save you money when choosing a new market, a new approach or a new logistics partner.

Local digital marketing campaigns

‘Local’ being the key word! If you can reach them (and with SAMOS, you can) we can help you speak to them.

Website localisation

We also offer website localisation. It’s more than just translating your product descriptions; we create a fully branded, country-specific version of your site with local-language menus, descriptions, policies and more. We can even create a launch campaign! Get in touch to find out more about this bespoke service.

Customised tracking

Our fully brandable, design-rich tracking pages are indistinguishable from your own website and emails, giving a smooth, premium customer experience from start to finish.

The icing on the cake? Your customer clicks on their tracking notification and a GIF pops up, greeting them by their name and telling them that the specific item they are waiting for is on its way, with a product image and a dynamic message that relates to their location.

Think about it… which of the following messages would make your day?

Free consultations

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We’re experts in our field, and we’re willing to share our knowledge with you! Check out our extensive information on ecommerce and marketing in Russia and Israel, as well as our offering in Europe.