Helping to deliver a better future

Our commitment

We work hard to help e-commerce businesses reach their customers.
But how can we continue to connect people around the world, when the one address we all share is under threat?

At SAMOS, part of our commitment to making delivery better is also making sure we play a role in helping to make the world better. We’re committed to working sustainably and ethically to offer the best delivery service we can, while still having a positive impact on our environment.

Why sustainability?

We believe a sustainable business is a smart business.

Our retail partners turn to us for solutions that improve their offerings to their customers. Sustainability is a huge part of that.

We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. In doing so, we help to protect our planet, while reducing our own costs, and ultimately, pass those savings on to our customers.

How we can help make a difference in the e-commerce industry?

As we expand our offering to new partners in new regions, we will continue to build sustainability into our practices. In the meantime, rest assured that we take sustainability incredibly seriously and we’re looking forward to providing more environmental solutions together.

We know that sustainability can cost more in the short term, but we’re committed to making an investment in the future of the planet.

  • Our working environment

  • Fast fashion

  • Packaging and wastage

  • Traffic and air pollution

What are we doing about it?

The SAMOS HQ is located within a wider office that operates on fully renewable energy with zero carbon emissions. The office uses no single-use plastics in its operation and provides only meat-free catering. Pretty neat, right?

We also support work from home and hybrid working conditions, where possible, to help reduce emissions to and from work.

SAMOS is also a proud member of the Zero Emissions Network, an award-winning initiative that helps businesses and residents reduce emissions, save money and improve local air quality.

The future

At SAMOS, we want to be more than ‘sustainable’ – we want to have a net-positive impact on the world. Watch this space for updates as we work on some rock-solid initiatives to deliver positive change in each of the relevant areas of our work, and for each of the regions in which we operate in.

This will include projects to encourage recycling, reduce packaging and tackle the impact of fast fashion by working to enable clothing to be recycled more widely.

As we expand our offering to new partners in new regions, we will continue to build sustainability into our practices.