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How it works

An illustration of a bag with a computer screen next to it

Your customers make a
purchase on your retail

An illustration of a shipping label with name, surname and address

Their details get sent to our
system if it’s integrated with
your retail platform - or you
can enter them yourself

An illustration of a shipping box

Parcel labels are generated for you to print off and attach to individual orders. You'll also get a unique tracking number to use throughout the shipping process

An illustration of a large bag

You get all of your individual parcels together in one large box or bag ready for shipping

An illustration of a truck

You can either send your shipment to us, drop it off at a collection point or we can collect it from you

An illustration of an open cardboard box

When we get your
shipment, we open it
and process the
parcels and data

An illustration of a map with arrows pointing to all over europe

We then take your parcels to
Europe using our own transport,
and customs clear according to
your instructions

An illustration of a hand with a box on top next to a door

Finally, we send your parcels to your customers using trusted final-mile delivery partners

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Customer reviews and ratings

5 star reviews on Google

“It was make or break for us. If we hadn’t found SAMOS, I don’t think we’d have been able to continue trading in Europe”

Avatar of Steven O’Neill
Steven O’Neill
Owner at The Grooming Clinic:

“Since we started working with SAMOS, all our EU shipping problems have gone away. Their well-designed process has allowed us to handle EU orders with the same reliability and efficiency as before Brexit. Our customers are much happier, billing is clear, simple and reliable, and the communication from SAMOS has been excellent – exactly what you need in a shipping partner!”

Avatar of Matt Burrard-Lucas
Matt Burrard-Lucas
CEO at Camtraptions Ltd:

“Amazing company to work with. Any (if any) issues ironed out swiftly. If your looking for help exporting products to Europe then these are the guys to help. Top class serivce from a top class team.”

Avatar of Dave Wrench
Dave Wrench
CEO at Alexandria UK:

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