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Great news! SAMOS teams up with Shiptheory.

Article by Simon Perkins

30 December 2021 / 2 minute read

Fully automate your SAMOS shipping process. SAMOS is integrated with Shiptheory....

Fed-up with EU parcel delivery problems? - Choose a parcel delivery service that is totally different.

At SAMOS we clear and distribute parcels across Europe unlike any other parcel delivery company.

VAT issues, IOSS problems, hidden charges, refusals, returns, and dissatisfied customers? - Not anymore.

We're so sure that you'll be thrilled by our unique hassle-free service that you can trial us for free.

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Who are we? SAMOS e-commerce - Alternatively brilliant.

We are a parcel logistics company specialising in creating and engineering customer-focussed e-commerce parcel delivery solutions. We have become particularly well known for our hybrid EU parcel delivery solution. It's growing very fast and enabled many e-com businesses to get back on track and develop their EU markets without fear of all the export problems experienced with the other mail and parcel delivery companies.

We totally understand the fustrations of using parcel and post delivery services so we have engineered these out of our service. Customers always ask us "why didn't we know about you before?" Well, you do now. We can ship all your B2C parcels across the EU whether your have an IOSS number or not. We do not surcharge at all, just one ultra-low cost per parcel. Simple. For more information about us click here.

What Our Customers Say

‘’We are incredibly happy with the service provided by Samos and would recommend their EU shipment services to any businesses requiring a solution for EU logistics since Brexit. Deliveries are fast and our customers are happy. Samos take all the stress and hassle of the new (and confusing) requirements away and provide a comprehensive and fully rounded service for both us and our customers. It’s win-win solution. We were apprehensive about the future of shipping B2C into the EU after experiencing delays in transit and confusion around additional charges, until we joined Samos. They are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and reliable, it really is joy to be working with them.’’ - Alie Mackintosh, CEO, AYM -