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Meet the team! Who's behind Samos? Let's make some introductions......

Article by Simon Perkins

15 February 2021 / 3 minute read

Ben Bagnulo


 Ben Bagnulo CEO Samos e-commerce

About me: Born in London but have had the wonderful opportunity to experience life in many places.
Fell into the logistics world 18 years ago when a good friend already in the industry wouldn't stop talking about how good it was to work in logistics. I started my logistics career  driving a beautiful brown van and well the story is still being told. It has been a great journey along the way working with some of the best people and seeing the industry change so much.
Favourite food has to be anything with garlic and wine :-) , best holiday destination has to be Spain, it is many worlds in one.
One of the best experiences I have had in the last few years was walking the Camino de Santiago, to many stories to tell but was part of my journey to launch SAMOS

Steve Gaiger

Operations Director

Steve Gaiger - Samos Operations Director

About me: Originally from New Zealand and travelled to the UK for a look around and just never went home! That was 15 years ago! I have experienced logistics in many forms on both sides of the world and now feel very privileged to work in our own company where we are passionate about bringing solutions and services where we feel there is a difference to be made.

Love Sushi and a Teppanyaki meal, something about the theatre of it all, slightly rugby mad as you would expect and the place I would most want to return to is Croatia.

 Travelling around Australia for 6 weeks in a VW Combi van is still one of the coolest things I have done and now with 2 pre-school children, probably the most intrepid I will do for a while! Still I am living on the other side of the world which I still find cool and the experience that keeps on giving!

Simon Perkins

Commercial Director

Simon Perkins Commercial Director Samos e-commerce

About me: I feel like I have worked in the parcel logistics industry forever. I've even got a degree in it! I think I've been faced with just about every single kind of challenge that you can face in the parcel logistics industry.

It's the 'parcel life' experience that I bring to Samos. Acutely understanding the industry, the challenges that it brings and turning this in to a service the most fastidious of customers can delight in.

Apart from shipping cardboard around the world, I'm a keen runner, cyclist (MAMIL!) and triathlete. Even managed to complete the London Marathon in 2:52:18 a couple of years ago, although don't ask me how. You'll find me regularly volunteering at my local Horsham parkrun (as well as taking part), and they even occasionally trust me with the megaphone as Run Director!

Top travel destinations: Australia, Formentera and Jordan (the country!).

Favourite food: Avocado.

Favourite colour: Orange

Most desirable car: Classic VW Camper (in orange obvs!)

Always happy to talk opportunity. Drop me an email at

Who are we? SAMOS e-commerce - Alternatively brilliant.

We are a logistics company specialising in e-commerce parcel shipping from the UK to the EU, Russia and Israel. We totally understand the fustrations of using parcel and post delivery services so we engineered these out of our service. Customers always ask us "why didn't we know about you before?" Well, you do now. We can ship all your B2C parcels across the EU whether you're on the IOSS scheme or not. If not, you can use our DDP service. We do not surcharge at all, just one ultra-low cost per parcel. Simple. You can find more information about our EU B2C parcel service by clicking here. or for more information about us click here.