SAMOS teams up with 'Make It British' to promote British businesses in the EU

SAMOS was invited by the networking group 'Make It British' to present an online masterclass to demonstrate how British businesses can now ship to the EU hassle-free - with the right know-how!

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Starting and running a small business involves an enormous amount of hard work and determination. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. It takes a certain personality to be an entrepreneur and wilfully take high risks, battle against the odds, and create success

The world of business is brutal. It’s always a lot more complicated than you ever imagined. There’s lots of advice out there - probably too much - and it can be overwhelming.

For some aspects of your business there is no point re-inventing the wheel. Most successful entrepreneurs will testify that it makes total sense to learn from others by tapping into alternative ideas and preventing costly mistakes.

That’s where community networking comes in. Joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs provides a collective knowledge of answers to questions that you probably hadn’t considered and could be crucial to your business success. It also provides support on days that you think you’re going mad, have made a terrible mistake, or are doubting yourself. It’s also great fun.

Make it British

Make It British is a community of British businesses selling quintessentially British-made product to the world. They provide inspiration on all aspects of starting, sourcing, manufacturing, promoting, and selling. The information they provide is the cornerstone to the success experienced by their members enabling them to reach thresholds far quicker than they would have done otherwise.

On Friday 22nd July 2022 SAMOS was invited to join the Make It British weekly 'masterclass' – an online session providing their members with the latest take on all things business – to chat to them about shipping their product to customers across the EU.

Before the UK left the EU, Europe provided a huge source of profit and growth opportunity for UK businesses. However, since the UK left the EU the headache of providing additional customs information, increase in shipping costs, customs problems and IOSS have all conspired to curtail orders.

SAMOS was given the opportunity to demonstrate their EU parcel delivery solution SAMOS Connect – a hybrid EU parcel delivery solution designed soley to address delivery issues experienced when shipping into the EU.

The feedback from Make It British members was phenomenal, and SAMOS are so excited to now be working with 6 Make It British members getting their product delivered hassle-free into the EU, reinvigorating their revenue and profit possibilities. Make It British members canview a recording of the masterclass on hassle-free EU shipping on the Make It British website .

If you're running a UK based manufacturing business, not all answers to success will be in the boardroom. Think about the benefits of being part of a wider ecosystem of collective thinking. A group of like-minded businesses with the same goal - to generate sales, profit, and success.

To become a Make It British member you can contact them on their website. Make It British members also get discounted shipping rates with SAMOS!

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alternatively brilliant delivery, by SAMOS

SAMOS is parcel logistics company based in London, specialising in creating and engineering customer-focussed e-commerce parcel delivery solutions. We have become particularly well known for our EU parcel delivery solutions. It's growing very fast and enabled so many e-com businesses to get back on track and develop their EU markets without fear of all the export problems experienced with the other mail and parcel delivery companies.

We totally understand the frustrations of using parcel and post delivery services globally, so we have engineered these out of our service. Customers always ask us, "Why didn't we know about you before?" Well, you do now. We can ship all your B2C parcels across the EU and beyond and whether you have an IOSS number or not. We do not surcharge at all, just one ultra-low cost per parcel. Find out more about SAMOS.

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