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🇪🇺 Avoid parcel delivery surcharges when shipping into the EU 🇪🇺

Article by Simon Perkins

8 February 2021 / 4 minute read

🇪🇺 Post-Brexit - How to avoid parcel delivery surcharges when shipping into the EU 🇪🇺

The Post-Brexit EU E-commerce Conundrum:

Firstly, lets take a look at the issues faced by online retailers since Brexit with sending orders in to the EU from the UK.

Customs compliance: The extent of additional export compliance for online retailers is now a startling and worrying reality. Many are struggling to meet the new Brexit export declaration requirements and understanding how to be compliant. Rule of origin, description of goods and HS codes data is now required to accompany every online sale into the EU, regardless of value. The task required to be compliant is monumental for some organisations to the extent that some online retailers and parcel carriers have paused all shipments into the EU. This is a very, VERY big deal.

The New Surcharges: What’s also exacerbating the compliance issue for online retailers, and will further stifle online sales and reduce margins, is that some of the larger global parcel carriers are now additionally surcharging shipments into and out of the EU from the UK. Surcharges are being widely justified by them with examples below.

1. Clearance' surcharges: Called various things such as ‘Brexit surcharge’ or ‘clearance surcharge’ or ‘UK Border Fee’ depending on the parcel delivery company. This is being applied to all shipments leaving the UK into the EU for clearing the shipment through customs. Typically £3.50 to £5.00 are being added per parcel.

2. 'DDP' Surcharges: There is also the Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) surcharge. DDP is now the crucial way to deliver online sales in to the EU post-Brexit. It means that VAT and duty is reversed back to the sender (you) in the UK so the receiver (your customer) doesn’t have the additional shock of having to pay VAT and duty due before the parcel is delivered, which can often result in a terrible customer experience and the shipment being refused and returned. Typical surcharging for this is between £10.00 and £15.00.

3. Other Surcharges: When you also consider residential delivery surcharges, fuel surcharge, and in some circumstances an 'emergency situation' surcharge, decisions need to be made about seeking alternative delivery solutions. Residential surcharges average £2.80, fuel surcharge at 7.5% and 'emergency' surcharges around 1.5%.

All these extra surcharges has meant that the cost of getting a parcel in to the EU has risen by an average 152% since Brexit.

So, How do you avoid all these surcharges?

The Samos Process

Samos has engineered a parcel delivery service that is unique in the UK. We inject parcel volume directly in to the EU via a simgle point, then onwards into a European parcel road delivery network. The service avoids a lot of the additional cost that other parcel delivery companies have to face, and we are able to pass those savings on to our customers.

Our service is the best kept secret - a viable alternative to the 'economy European delivery by road' type of service offered by the major parcel delivery companies, with a time in transit from 2 to 5 days*.

The Best Bit - No Surcharges!

You read that correctly - no surcharges - and that includes no EU 'clearance' surcharges, no DDP surcharge, no 'emergency' surcharge (what is that anyway?), no residential delivery surcharge, no fuel surcharge. Just a great service with easy, uncomplicated tariffs designed to make your life simpler, saving you money in the process.

See our Samos e-commerce European Parcel Services page. Here you will find details on how to ship your online orders into the EU without surcharges, using our bespoke services.


Samos is able to integrate via API with most WMS, carrier aggregator label generation systems or online shop systems, capturing all the required EU export clearance and delivery data electronically. All parcels are fully trackable, with delivery to home or PUDO locations with POD.

Samos Experience

There is over 60 years joint experience in EU and global parcel distribution that underpins Samos e-commerce. You name it, one of our directors has probably dealt with it throughout their careers! This foresight enabled us to develop and perfect delivery solutions for e-commerce. Our aim is to become so immersed in your business, that we become a conduit to your business - a valued and trusted partner.

Check out our Europe services page where you'll also find a handy post-Brexit guide to successful shipping into the EU. Get in touch by completing the contact form below. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can and really look forward to hearing from you.

*time in transit may be extended due to covid.