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Please help ship aid donations to Ukraine

1 March 2022 / 3 minute read

In the worst of situations, you also witness the best. Human beings coming together to help each other in their time of need.

You may have seen in the news that amazing people have been donating what they can to support the people of Ukraine.

Millions of donations have been made, the most important of which are long-life food, sanitary products, nappies and first-aid products.

However, these donations still have to make their way to Ukraine, which is a logistics process that requires knowledge, expertise and experience.

SAMOS, along with our service partners have operated logistics services to the region since our inception. Understanding the import documentation and processes from the UK to Ukraine is crucial to enable generous donations to arrive safely at their destination.

We therefore believe that it is incumbent upon us to ustilise our logistics partners, network and expertise to assist in moving aid out to Ukraine quickly and efficiently.

SAMOS has agreed to help coordinate this effort. Donations will be shipped by road, using trucks.

However, this is an expensive process, and one that we are able to sponsor up to a point.

We are asking anyone that can help towards the logistics process of sending donations of aid to Ukraine.

We have set up a Just Giving page to enable your donations. We will continue to update this page with the progress that we are making.

You can donate here:

Thank you for your generous help.

The team at SAMOS e-commerce.

Please note: 100% of the proceeds raised go directly to fund vehicles required for transporting donations and aid to Ukraine. SAMOS e-commerce does not in any way commercially benefit from this appeal.

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