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Grow your online business into the EU after Brexit.........Sorry, what?

Grow your online business into the EU after Brexit.........Sorry, what?

Now that sounds like a pipe-dream headline grabber, if ever I've seen one. But what if I told you it is actually true? - and this webinar shows you how. Certainly it would music to the ears of a number of e-commerce organisations who are running round in circles grappling with all the additional EU export and VAT compliance, delivery delays and excessive parcel delivery surcharges.

Is this you too? It could well be, and for good reason. This is why:

The Problem

1. Export Compliance: The new rules to become EU export and VAT compliant are arduous and confusing, to the extent that lots of organisations quite honestly just can't be bothered. It's now easier to sent orders thousands of miles around the world than it is 20 miles off the Kent coast.

2. Covid: We're dealing with a perfect storm here. Covid + Brexit = parcels piling up everywhere. Covid has created a huge uplift in e-commerce orders. The 'free trade deal' did not mean borderless trade. Parcels that are not EU export compliant or on incorrect incoterms are refused, stopped or turned around, and have joined the many either waiting to be delivered or sent back.

3. Parcel Carrier 'Brexit' Surcharging: This is the most difficult one for most to get their head around. Since Brexit, the mainstream parcel delivery companies have added surcharging to UK > EU shipments which has meant that the average cost per parcel has increased by 152%. Two and a half times more expensive - and coming off your margin. That. Is. Ridiculous. Huge volumes due to the Covid led upsurge in e-commerce home deliveries mean the parcel carriers are calling all the shots. UK Border Fee, Duty and Tax Forwarding Surcharge, Deliver Duty Paid Surcharge, Brexit Adjustment to name but a few are the top offenders.

So there you have it. EU export compliance, delays and extreme surcharging are ganging up on UK online business to make their life as difficult as possible.

The EU can't be ignored forever though. The EU are huge online consumers and an extremely valuable source of revenue if you can get it right - and this is easier than you may think.

The Solution

How then do you simply carve your way through all this and ultimately grow your online business in to the EU? This webinar will show you how.

We will cover how to send parcels in to the EU without all those pesky surcharges whilst creating a great delivery experience for your customers and maintaining loyalty.

Along with our friends at Simply VAT and Despatch Cloud we will simplify which export and VAT compliance is relevant to you in layman's terms. This will also include what you need to know for another EU VAT compliance change in July'21.

Spoiler alert - it is not a pipe-dream, it is a lot simpler than you think.

Register for the webinar here. If you sell online into the EU, it will be the most productive hour you have spent.