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It's easier to ship to Moscow than Madrid! - To Russia, with love!

Article by Simon Perkins

14 January 2021 / 4 minute read

🇬🇧 Brexit Plan B – how can I recover lost sales due to Brexit red tape? 🇬🇧

The Brexit cost problem for online retailers

Brexit - Time for plan B? – how can you recover lost sales due to Brexit red tape?

1. 'Clearance' surcharges: Called various things such as ‘Brexit surcharge’ or ‘clearance surcharge’ or ‘UK Border Fee’ depending on the carrier. This is being applied to all shipments leaving the UK into the EU for clearing the shipment through customs.

2. 'DDP' Surcharges There is also Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) surcharge. DDP is now the recommended terms of sale to receivers in the EU. It means that VAT and duty is reversed back to the shipper so the receiver doesn’t have the additional shock of having to pay VAT and duty due before the parcel is delivered, which can often result in a terrible customer experience and the shipment being refused and returned.

3. Other Surcharges When you also consider residential delivery surcharges, and fuel surcharge, and in some circumstances an 'emergency situation' surcharge, decisions need to be made about seeking alternative solutions.

Don’t pay parcel carrier surcharges! It seems a simple thing to read, but in reality, can this be achieved? Help is out there to keep your goods flowing and costs down if the correct parcel carrier partner is selected. Not all parcel carriers are surcharging, and these additional costs can be avoided if you know where to look - see Samos e-commerce European Parcel Services. Here you will find details on how to ship your online orders into the EU without surcharges, using our bespoke services.

Lost business sending into the EU after Brexit? - Where else could you try exporting? - Plan B – An idea 💡 for you on how to replace lost online sales and revenue from elsewhere.

So how about the plan B? Where can inevitably lost volume and revenue into the EU due to Brexit be easily recovered?

Ironically, post Brexit it is now simpler to ship outside the EU. Brexit has forced organisations to take on all the extra red tape and compliance required to sell online into the EU, therefore you have learnt all there is to know - and more- about compliance for shipping outside the EU. With all this newly acquired knowledge it now makes logical sense to open up or expand markets outside of the EU to compensate for potential loss of sales.

Why sell online to Russia?

Post-Brexit, it's much easier to ship to Moscow, than Madrid. Russia has traditionally been very hungry for British and western product. This is a country of nearly 150 million people and offers huge potential if you can get the proposition and user experience right in terms of both marketing and shipping your online sales.

Russia ecommerce stats

Getting your online sales to Russia is actually the easy bit. Lots of UK online retailers don't think it is easy or have had problems in the past getting online sales into Russia, so you probably weren't expecting to read that! Marketing your products in Russia is different. Different search engines, like Yandex, and cultural differences mean that your marketing strategy requires familiarity and expertise to get it right, build volume sales and be successful.

ecommerce in Russia

Identifying an organisation that can assist build volume sales and revenue to Russia will be essential. Samos e-commerce offer a comprehensive range of marketing and parcel shipping solutions for Russia to enable online retailers gain market share and establish a loyal customer base. Have a look at our Samos Guide to E-Commerce in Russia page where you can download and keep our handy guide all about e-commerce in Russia and how to get started.

If you’d like a no-obligation chat about reducing the cost and complexity of shipping into the EU and opening up or expanding new markets like Russia, speak to us or complete the contact form below, and we’ll arrange a call with you at a convenient time.

It is a lot easier than you think when you are talking to the right people!